Cycle Right Workshop

We are a committed Green School and we are currently working towards our 12th Green Flag. Our theme is Global Citizenship  РTravel. We enjoyed a fantastic safer cycling workshop with Cycle Right recently over a period of 4 weeks. On the final week we went on a big cycle on the bog road towards Creggane. We got the opportunity to practise all the tips and safer cycling rules which we learned during the workshop. Below is more information about the Cycle Right classes.

This month we teamed up with Cycle Right for a Safe for Cycling workshop, in order to learn how to look after our bikes and to cycle on the roads safely and responsibly. For example, we learned how to do the signals to check if it is safe to pull off the road, by looking behind our shoulder, putting our hand out, looking again and then pulling over. We did a slow race where we cycle as slowly as we can and a braking competition where we stop as close to the coach as we can. I won both of the competitions. Except for the slow race where a friend won both.

By Aidan in 6th Class.