Green School Project, 13th Flag

We are working towards our 13th Green Flag. Our theme this time is Global Citizenship – Food and Biodiversity.

At the moment we are learning about where our food comes from and our theme is ‘From Farm to Fork’. We are learning about the journey that our food makes from the farm to our plate.

We are learning about planting and harvesting potatoes. We plan to plant potatoes in our school in March and we look forward to harvesting them in September 2023.

We have also decided to grow various herbs and strawberries as part of our Green School Project. We will germinate seeds and plant lovely flowers at the front of our school, as we do every year. We love taking care of plants and watching them grow.

This week we explored the main ingredients in the food that we eat and where they come from. We wrote a list of eight foods we ate this week and also new foods we’d like to try. We explored and discussed their origin. We also wrote a very long list of all the different ways that you can cook a potato!

We watched a video about a Dairy Farm in Ireland. We discussed Ireland having fabulous beef and dairy products and the factors that make this so.

We learned that some of our food comes from other countries. For example, apples from New Zealand, avocados from Mexico. We followed the journey that each food makes on a world map in school on Thursday. It was very interesting.

Pupils in the Junior Room explored which foods are good for your teeth and which foods are bad for your teeth.

Pupils in the Senior Room discussed food names as gaeilge.

Finally this week, we used potatoes for printing during Art. We created beautiful pictures of birds using the prints. I think you’ll agree we did a great job 🙂