Science Week 2021

We had a brilliant time celebrating Science Week recently.

All pupils enjoyed online workshops with Midlands Science.

Pupils in the Senior Room particularly enjoyed the Rockets with Dan. The children loved making and launching their own rockets.

Pupils in the Senior Room also learned about Medical Devices which were invented by Irish doctors; the two-ear stethoscope, the hypodermic needle, radiation treatment for cancer, the nasal feeding tube and a portable defibillator. They also learned about Biomaterials and how they are used to help and to heal people. We had great fun making our own biomaterial… slime! 🙂

Pupils in the Junior Room had great fun doing the balloon experiment using vinegar and baking powder. They also did the rain cloud experiment using shaving foam, food colouring and water. They made playdough using flour, food colouring, water and salt. The children carried out the dancing raisin experiment and finally they made their own lava lamp using water, oil, food colouring, glitter and alka seltzer. This demonstrated the density of different liquids.