Butterfly Garden

In 1995, we planted a butterfly garden. Again we mulched the grass with cardboard. We spread topsoil on top. The worms do all the digging in our school! They move up through the cardboard, take the topsoil or compost and bring it down through the cardboard or newspaper again. They improve the soil, making it more fertile and full of holes.

We planted plants to attract butterflies, like Nettle (in its own container), Marigold, Sedum, Birds Feet Icefoil, Toadflax, Yarrow, Knapweed, Candy Tuft and Coneflower.

Our caretaker fixed up the edge of the bed with timber strips. It is important to do this or grass will grow in the bed.

We started to give tours of the garden. We won a national prize in the O.P.W. Design and Garden competition, and as a prize C.I.E. sponsored a trip for us to the Garden Show in Kilmainham. There we played on the Wheatfield Prison swings and slides. Later we wrote to Governor Tracy at the prison and they made equipment for us for our garden – like a hedgehog tunnel, compost bin, bird tables and a bat box.

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