Farm Peat, Love Your Wellies Workshop

We had a great day today at the Farm Peat, Love Your Wellies workshop. Alena came to our school and gave an interactive presentation on biodiversity and the importance of our raised bog. We learned so much, for example:

  • How bogs are formed
  • Where bogs are found in Ireland
  • The history of the bog
  • The many uses of the bog
  • The many plants and animals found in the bog
  • The importance of the food chain
  • The bog is made up of 90% water
  • The bog is very important for biodiversity
  • What causes the loss of our bogs

Then we got a bus to Ballydangan bog for a field trip. The children took part in a scavenger hunt there. They also found samples of the many plants that are growing in the bog. Finally the children measured the depth of the bog with a special tool which Alena had. The area we were in was 6m deep.

We highly recommend this Farm Peat workshop and a visit to Ballydangan bog where they are doing great work. Thank you to Pat for being so welcoming and accommodating. Thanks to Alena and team for the excellent workshop.