Clonown Parish Newsletter

The children in our school write a report for the Parish Newsletter each month. They love when it is their turn as they really enjoy this activity. A sincere thank you to Rosaleen Fallon for publishing this for us – it’s lovely to read our school news each month.


This month we were all at home. We are doing maths, phonics and
SPHE classes by zoom with our teachers. It is nice to see our friends
online as we haven’t seen them in a while. We are also doing online
music lessons with our teacher Cian. We learn the fiddle, banjo and the
mandolin. The school sent us postcards and we have been sending them
to our family and friends, as it is nice to keep in contact. The first of
February was St Brigid’s Day. We normally make crosses at school, but
this year we made them at home. It is good to keep active and we love
to play at the playground in Clonown. The flowers are starting to show
and hopefully the weather will get better soon. Hopefully, we can go
back to school soon, as we all miss our teachers and friends.
Eva, 5th class


You can read the full Parish Newsletter here 202102 (1)