Imaginative Play in Nature

We are very lucky to have such lovely, natural surroundings on our school yard. This provides great opportunities for imaginative play; the children play shop/restaurant using leaves, twigs and pebbles. There are lots of areas amongst the trees for building forts/huts. Today there was great activity at the Bug Hotel and lots of digging nearby!

Outdoor play is the best play. Image result for Smile Emoji. Size: 150 x 132. Source:

Research shows us that spending time outdoors has the following benefits for children.

  • promotes brain growth and better gut health
  • helps to develop their social skills
  • improves their ability to communicate
  • supports their sensory awareness
  • builds resilience
  • promotes¬†creativity and imagination
  • reduces stress and fatigue
  • improves physical and mental health
  • helps them to become more confident
  • offers them the opportunity to learn about their own abilities and become more independent.