Learning about Space

Last week our topic throughout the whole school was Space. Pupils in the Junior Room integrated English, Geography and Science when they read about the Moon, the Stars and the Planets. They completed writing activities based on what they learned. Pupils in the Senior Room read a story called Space Above Planet Mars about a little boy who meets an alien and travels to Mars with her. Their writing activities this week were based on this.

During Geography and Science this week pupils read about and discussed Outer Space in the Let’s Discover Programme. The children wondered if there is life out there. They also learned about the telescope at Birr Castle and how astonomers flocked there until the end of the 19th Century to see far into outer space. On Friday, all pupils in the school created fabulous rockets using 2D shapes during Art.

This week the children will continue learning about space. Pupils in the Senior Room will read about space explorers Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong. They will also explore the solar system further as part of their English programme. Topics during Geography and Science will include moons, asteroids belts, meteoroids and comets.