Science Week 2022

We completed lots of fun activities during Science Week. Micheál Coughlan came on Thursday for a Biodiversity and Biology workshop with all pupils in our school. This workshop was funded by Roscommon County Council.

Pupils in the Senior Room carried out a Scientific Survey to investigate whether taller people have larger feet. We predicted, measured, recorded and investigated our findings. We found that this is true in our class however we did find exceptions!

The children in the Senior Room also read about a large drone taxi which took it’s first spin in air traffic near Paris as it prepares for commercial flights from 2024. We also designed and made our own rockets. We predicted and measured how far they could travel. We recorded and analysed our findings.

The Junior room tested the materials plastic, tin-foil, paper and wood to investiage which of them ware waterproof. They also learned about the different properties of magnets and tested which materials in the classrom  were attracted to them.