Strange Days Indeed

Strange Days Indeed

by Éabha, 1st Class

Strange days indeed. No school, no mass, no going to town. Strange days indeed.

No blowing candles on birthday cakes or jumping on bouncing castles. Strange days indeed.

No friends at my house, no visiting Grandparents. Strange days indeed.

Spending so much time with my family, playing games at my home. Strange days indeed.

Going for cycles, jumping on the trampoline and hearing the cuckoo sing so loudly. Strange days indeed.

Learning how to cook, hanging out the clothes and doing jobs at home. Strange days indeed.


Strange Days Indeed

by Fionn, 2nd Class

Dear myself, in ten years time.

It is strange days indeed with no school, no karate, no swimming and no soccer.

We can’t go out in the car and I can’t play with my friends.

I must wash my hands a hundred times a day.

I get to stay up late, make lots of buns and eat them all day.

I did not make my communion and I was so disappointed but my family made it a special day.

My mammy thinks she is a teacher.

My brothers break into my room every day and I go crazy. But I am having so much fun with them.

Covid 19 please go away.

It is strange days indeed.


Strange Days Indeed

by Donnacha, 3rd Class


Covid 19 is annoying

It’s been around for a while

We’ve been at home

Cocooning for a long time


We all miss our friends

It has been very annoying

We all want to go back to school

But that won’t happen for a while


Covid 19 is strange days indeed

Hurry up and find a vaccine

Hurry up and find a cure


Covid 19 is the worst

I need to go to the shops

I have earned enough money

Doing jobs in the house


Covid 19

It is strange days indeed