Food Dudes, Daily Mile and Walk on Wed

We are having a very healthy week in Clonown NS! We are taking part in the Food Dudes programme. A delivery of fruit and vegetables is sent to our school each day. So far the children have eaten peppers, tomatoes, carrrots, mandarins, blueberries and apples.

Our school was chosen to take part in the Healthy Ireland pilot scheme which provides parents with a whole fruit and vegetable take home pack as an extension to the programme. The whole fruit and vegetable pack will be sent home to parents after the children have taken part in their 5-day Food Dudes programme this week.

Pupils in the Senior have recommenced their Daily Mile each morning at the running track in Clonown. We meet there each morning at 9 a.m. and we run for 10 minutes; a great way to start each day!

All children in our school take part in Walk on Wednesday. We love walking to school together in the morning and walking back to the church again after school.