Lidl Farm to Fork Initiative

“At the Farm to Fork Experience primary school students learn about the process of food production through a combination of hands-on activities and discussions led by Agri Aware’s Education Officers. Pupils will receive on-site education delivery which is guided by the SESE curriculum in an outdoor classroom experience. The experience is suitable for students from 2nd to 6th class.”

Pupils in 2nd to 6th classes went to the Lidl Farm in Newbridge as part of Agriaware’s Farm to Fork programme. This complements our Green School project perfectly as our theme is Food and Biodiversity.

Pupils got a tour of the farm which involved learning about vegetables, grains, fruit and plants being grown. We also met the Lidl farm cows! We planted our own broad beans. Finally we got a tour of the distribution centre in the Lidl train.

This was a very educational experience for our pupils and we highly recommend it. It’s free of charge for all schools.