Planting Spring Window Boxes

Cross-curricular Learning 

We focused on Procedural Writing in English for the past fortnight. 3rd and 4th Class read about and completed written activities on planting spring window boxes. We decided to put this lesson into action!

Kevin Dooley ordered daffodil, crocus, tulip and muscari bulbs for us. They came all the way from Holland! We looked up the journey they made on our world map.

Next during Maths we had to problem solve! We had to figure out how many bulbs we had in total and how we could distribute them successfully among the 6 window boxes. We also had to ensure that there was a variety of bulb in each window box and we had to think about how they would be displayed in the box. We needed to be careful not to overcrowd the window boxes with bulbs.

To make things a bit trickier we also had to make sure that we left the correct amount of space between each bulb. Some of our flowers will be taller than others so we took this into consideration too.

We measured, estimated, multiplied, divided, added and discussed everything with our partner. We made a plan of our work.

Finally we had the opportunity to get our hands dirty! We got into groups of three and we planted our own window boxes. Each one is different. It was a beautiful sunny day. We will look after our boxes over the coming months and we can’t wait to watch the flowers grow.