Engineering Week 2023

We had a great week celebrating Engineering Week.

Mark from ORS came to our school for a STEPS engineering workshop with all pupils, Junior Infants – 6th Class. We learned about all the various types of engineers and how engineering affects everything we do, everyday. The children had lots of fun and learned a great deal in this interactive and informative presentation. Mark asked each group to design and make a bridge using only 2 sheets of A4 paper. The pupils displayed great imagination and each group came up with their own, unique ideas. The children loved ‘testing’ the bridges using coins – the more coins the bridge could hold, the stronger the bridge.


Also this week, 1st – 6th Class received great STEM projects from StemWizz. We focused on electrical circuits and gears & motors. This involved making a mini-lamp, a mini-lift, a robot and a carnival wheel. The children enjoyed working in pairs. It was great fun and they felt a great sense of achievement on completing the projects and seeing them in operation.