Science Blast

We take part in Science Blast each year. Our project this year involves germinating lots of different types of seeds. This fits in perfectly with our Green School project also. Below is an email which some of our pupils wrote, to keep our judge in the Science Blast project up-to-date with our progress.

We are the 6th class pupils from Clonown N.S. We would like to tell you about our project. We have decided which seeds we would like to use. We have picked the cornflower, the ox eye daisy, the cosmos, the sunflower, the nasturtiums and the sweet pea.We attempted to germinate them by putting them where there is light, giving them soil, giving them water, giving them light and giving them heat. We also did other things with the seeds such as a seed with no light, a seed with no heat, a damaged seed, a seed with too much water, a seed with no water and a seed with no soil. We also held a competition to see which plant would germinate first. The cornflower came first followed by the cosmos and the sunflower in 3rd. In the coming weeks we would also like to record our findings using graphs, photos, drawings and tables.
We would love to chat to you about our project on zoom.
Let us know if you have any questions
6th Class.