Science Week in the Senior Room

We continued working hard on our project for BT Young Scientists. We are so excited about going to the RDS in January! We also made robot minions with our kits from Stem Wizz (see below).

  • This week we learned about photosynthesis. We learned that plants, hedges and trees take in sunlight and water, and they generate oxygen and glucose (food for the plant) in their leaves. We explored the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle and we discussed how important plants, trees and hedges are for our environment. The plants make oxygen for us to breath in and they take in carbon dioxide which we breath out. We recorded our findings in a diagram.
  • We also completed a Science Experiment to prove that plants need water and light to grow. We planted cress seeds in 4 pots. Pot 1 was given water but no light, pot 2 had light but no water, pot 3 had no water and no light and pot 4 had both water and light. We predicted that pot 4 would grow because plants need light and water to grow. We look forward to seeing how our cress seeds get on!
  • We learned about germination and we kept a steady eye on our pots from earlier in the week. Many of the seeds are germinating already.
  • Finally, for something totally different, we made robot minions with our partners. This was great fun, a bit challenging at times, but very rewarding when we saw our robot completed.