World Book Week

Pupils had great fun at our Book Swap on Monday. Each child brought in books from home that they had read and were ready to give away, and they swapped them with their friends. What better way to promote reading than to get a lovely ‘new’ book from one of your peers! Thanks a million to all the parents for supporting this event.

On Tuesday each pupil in the school discussed and wrote a review on a book they really enjoyed.

On Wednesday pupils in the Junior Room wrote their own versions of popular, well-known stories.

We went to the library on Thursday to celebrate World Book Day. Pupils exchanged their books, enjoyed relaxing in the Sensory Room and loved story-time with the staff there.

We finished off the week with a fun quiz in each classroom. Questions in the Senior Room were based on the series of books Diary of a Wimpy Kid, while the Junior Room answered questions on a wide range of authors and books. We had a great time.