Behind this fence, made for us by Wheatfield Prison, is an area we call our Oak Wood. Oak trees are the best wild-life trees. With its rough bark, an oak tree attracts 300 species of insect!

Nesting boxes and bird tables attract birds. Birds also eat berries and insects like greenfly.

Batboxes attract bats which eat insects like midges.

Hedgehog tunnels attract hedgehogs, which eat slugs.

We put our apple cores and banana skins in the wormery. We put weeds and grass clippings in the compost bins. They turn back into soil.

We put clippings in the compost box to be recycled. Wheatfield Prison made the compost box, batbox and hedgehog tunnel for us.

The pond attracts frogs, which eat slugs.

The pond also attracts teachers at the Ecology Inservice Course!! (July ’98)

We put leaves in the leaf trap. They turn back into compost. We use the compost to plant strawberries.

Log piles attract beetles and centipedes. They eat slugs.

The birch tree bed looks like this in Spring.

It looks like this in Autumn. Birch trees attract 230 species of insect. Michaelmas Daisies attract butterflies. Holly attracts birds which eat the berries.

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